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Headquartered in Gastonia, NC, Accuracy First Diagnostics offers comprehensive alcohol and drug testing services for businesses, government agencies, schools, and families throughout the nation.  We offer convenience, rapid tests, and accurate results all at the lowest cost.

Whether you’re looking to test a family member or an entire workforce, AFD provides full service drug testing and prices that can't be beat by our competitors.  There’s a reason why Accuracy First Diagnostics, Inc. is the #1 small drug testing business in Charlotte and surrounding areas, and part of it has to do with building trusting relationships with our customers by respecting their time, money, and business. Our secret is not a secret... we take care of our customers and they take care of us with their business and recommendations.  We continually provide testing services at near recovery cost, treat all customers like they are our number one stakeholder, and most importantly, we remain responsive to specific needs and requirements of each customer.  We are not a cookie cutter shop like our larger competitors.  We understand that every customer has unique needs.  We strive to make Your Business, our Mission!

The History of Workplace Drug Testing in the U.S.

It’s no mystery that the 1960s were the heyday for drug experimentation. By the 1970s, the US government responded by creating offices to coordinate programs geared toward prevention education, rehabilitation, treatment, training and research. Programs were even implemented to test military personnel going to and returning from war. By the 1980s, standards that were set by the government made their way to the public sector.


In “Historical Overview of Workplace Drug Testing Programs,” the author outlines the details of an emerging no-tolerance drug policy in our workforce.

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