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Wondering if you have been exposed to COVID-19?

Accuracy First Diagnostics may be able to help you find out. We’re offering COVID-19 antibody testing consult visits through our mobile testing program serving residents in Charlotte, Gastonia, Kings Mountain, and surrounding counties. These tests are safe, easy, and as always with Accuracy First, low cost!  Appointments are required so book your appointment today!

What to know about Coronavirus antibody tests

According to the Centers for Disease Control's website on coronavirus, one of the main reasons COVID-19 has been transmitted so easily and quickly is because it is being spread by individuals who aren’t aware they even have the virus. These are known as asymptomatic cases. Unfortunately, the virus can be spread person-to-person through small droplets that are released from the mouth when someone speaks.

This is why it’s so difficult to pinpoint how many cases of coronavirus there really are in the U.S. specifically as we do not have blanket testing available as of now. Luckily, our COVID-19 antibody tests can help. The test itself involves examining a small sample of blood to detect proteins in the immune system (known as antibodies). The presence of these antibodies are a clear indication that the person has had the virus and since recovered. It is currently unknown if COVID-19 antibodies prevent future infections.

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Who should be tested?

The test is recommended for individuals at least 14 days after the onset of symptoms, or if you have been exposed to someone with confirmed COVID-19.  This test does not diagnose current coronavirus infections.  

What is the value of doing this test?


There are a few reasons antibody testing is helpful:

  • Knowing your status – It’s possible you had COVID-19 without experiencing any symptoms at all. Or maybe you had symptoms of COVID-19 but didn’t get a diagnostic test. Antibody testing can tell you if you’ve ever been infected with COVID-19, whether or not you experienced symptoms.

  • Informing your care – As we learn more about the virus, antibody test results could help you and your doctor guide your next steps and make the best decisions for your care.

  • Understanding the virus – As local authorities and Health Departments continue to lead efforts to prevent and treat COVID-19, antibody testing will play an important role. Testing for antibodies to COVID-19 can help us better understand how many people have been infected and how the virus spreads. It will also help us establish clinical guidelines to improve public health.

How is this test conducted?

The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) test reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, requires Accuracy First Diagnostics technicians to conduct a finger prick to draw blood.  

What  should I know before getting a COVID-19 antibody test?

Currently, there are some limitations around the results of the test. A few things to consider:

  • If you have been in recent contact with the virus and you test negative for the antibody, it does not rule out a current or developing infection.

  • If you test positive, it could be due to past or present infection with a different coronavirus strain other than COVID-19.

  • Positive results do not currently indicate a person is immune from COVID-19. Additional studies are underway to determine if antibodies will prevent re-infection.


If my test is positive, does that mean I can freely visit my elderly parents, friends and loved ones again? Or safely return to work?

A positive test indicates that you have previously been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. It is currently unknown if the presence of antibodies prevents future infections from the COVID-19 virus. Until additional research can be done a person previously exposed with a positive antibody test should take the same precautions to prevent spread of disease as anyone else.  This includes social distancing, wearing a mask, use of hand sanitizer and cleaning of surfaces.


What does it mean if I have a negative antibody test result?


A negative test result indicates that no antibodies were detected. This means that you have either never been exposed to the virus or that your exposure was recent enough that antibodies have not yet reached a level of detection.


How long do test take and when will I receive my results?

The testing process takes approximately 15 minutes.  Test results are generally transmitted to clients within 24 hours.


How to get tested for COVID-19 antibodies?

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus) or have been in recent contact with the virus, wait for 14 days prior to ordering your test.  Antibodies generally take 1-3 weeks to become detectable in the blood.  After you have been symptom free for 14 days, click the "Order a COVID-19 Antibody Test" button below or call (980) 689-1233 to schedule your appointment.  An Accuracy First Diagnostics staff will contact you shortly after your submission to confirm your appointment.

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